FDF (First Dance and Fitness) was conceived out of love of performing and the desire to share that passion. Both Justin and Jasmine have extensive experience in dance and theatre.

Justin was formally trained at the famed dance college – Laine Theatre Arts in London England. His studies also included drama and theatre at Redroofs theatre School. Justin has performed around the globe in stage shows as well produced his own dynamic and successful illusion show.

An interest in fitness, necessary to withstand the rigors of performance, saw Justin undertake a personal trainer development course. This has lead to Justin being constantly contracted to help fellow performers maintain their strength and conditioning. With his 35 years in the industry Justin brings a wealth of experience across many skill sets, and brings vitality and mystique as he now creates a pathway to confidence and creativity.
Jasmine has been on a career journey of dance , theatre , and movies. After finishing her full time studies at the Australian Institute of performing Arts and Dance in Brisbane Australia, Jasmine secured contracts on overseas cruise lines. Jasmine then took her dance and stage experience to perform in Bollywood movies and videos. With her high fitness levels, flexibility and love of intrigue, Jasmine went on to become Justin’s assistant in his own illusion production. Jasmine , whilst being principal dancer, also became involved in the technical side of production and Choreography.

Justin and Jasmine have teamed up now, to bring their wealth of experience and expertise to the wedding and event industry. In this very niche market, Justin and Jasmine will work exclusively with couples on their wedding preparation incorporating fitness, body image, instilling confidence whilst creating the perfect choreography for the biggest ‘stage’ moment of the couples’ lives – their first dance

About Jasmine

Jasmine originally from the Gold Coast Australia, began her love, and journey of dance, at 7 years old. Jasmine performed in eisteddfods as a solo, duo and trio performer and also in groups. Furthering her experience as a teenager, Jasmine auditioned and won lead chorus roles in musicals at Gold Coast Arts Centre, including Footloose, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat, Guys and Dolls to name a few. From there it was two years full time study at Australia Dance Performance Institute  becoming technically proficient in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap (speed/waltz/street), Hip hop/funk/crump, adagio and point. In 2007 Jasmine commenced her professional dance career on the Carnival Cruise lines in America and after the first contract the opportunity arose to perform in Bollywood Movies, music videos and commercials in India. 2008-2009 Jasmine embraced the hectic schedule and travelled across India and the United Emirates to perform in over 40 music videos and dance sequences in Bollywood movies. This genre of dance and cultural experience showcasing wealth and then extreme poverty, was life changing and inspiring for Jasmine, but it also became life threatening with the terrorist bomb attack in Mumbai that was a short distance away from where  Jasmine  was residing .  Jasmine stayed on until New Years eve where she completed a performance in Hyderabad Taj Krishna.

Jasmine was re-contracted to Carnival Glory, out of New York, as a dancer but also auditioned for the highly sought after role of Illusionist’s assistant. The world of Illusion fascinated Jasmine. It was fast paced, demanding and very disciplined. The responsibility of the role was daunting, but exciting, and the show enabled Jasmine to learn a new stage craft whilst continuing her love of dance. It was not long before Jasmine became technically involved with the format of the show and also became  Dance Captain.

Jasmine and Justin were a very strong team and it was their chemistry and unique stage themeing  that led to an approach to move  to another cruise company, Norwegian Cruiselines.  Here they would perform with three  other world renown magicians in the show  -The Illusionairum.  With technical training in New York, and the opportunity to work alongside respected industry peers, Jasmine reveled in the new opportunities that presented.


About Justin

Starting at the tender age of 13, Justin attended full time at Redroofs Theatre School, where he studied drama and theatre for three years.   Excelling in his studies Justin moved  straight into the world of performing appearing in TV ads and TV shows, but it was the stage that Justin found his passion for, and felt at home. His first main leading role was in the musical The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, where he played the role of Peter.  Justin then did a season of Shakespeare in the Park in London. At 16 Justin enrolled in full time dance at Laine Theatre Art in London where he completed a 3 year course in all aspects of dance.  Justin  was offered a one year contract in Holland performing in  the Andre Van Dune Revue which he says was one of the best experiences of his life.  However, it was not until Justin came to America where he found his true love, Illusions.

The concept of  combining drama, martial arts and dance together delivered a very unique and successful Illusion show for over 25 years, with appearances at Conrad Jupiter’s Casino in Australia to Orlando Florida.  Mixing in the company of the amazing David Copperfield, Justin’s attention to detail and high energy earned him many accolades.